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American Coolair / ILG Fans

J, JBH, JBHX, JBC, JDC, JT, JTBC, JTEBC, JTDC, HS, HSE: upblast power roof ventilators. Fan sizes: 18 to 84. Capacity: up to 105,000 CFM. Pressure: up to 2.5 inches of water gauge. Accessories: safety disconnect switch, pre-fabricated roof curb, magnetic latches, galvanized damper doors, automated heat and smoke venting, spark resistant construction, protective coatings, inlet and outlet guard, duct connector, disconnect switch, safety chain.

CABL, CABH, CBL, CBH, CBHX, CBC, CDC, C-AL, UD, UDU, UDP, MB: wall propeller fans for exhaust and supply applications. Fan sizes: 6 to 84. Capacity: up to 110,000 CFM. Pressure: up to 2.5 inches WG. Ventilator accessories: WH wall housing, WS wall sleeve, MC mounting collar, S wall shutter, SR reinforced wall fan shutter, LRW shutter, SU shutter, shutter motor kit, delay switch, manual shutter kit, bird guard, gravity shutter, IL intake louver, IH intake hood, EH exhaust hood, SG safety guard cage, disconnect switch, speed controller, controls.

PT Fan: power tube fan make-up air systems. Sizes: 18 to 48 inches. Fan capacity: up to 30,000 CFM. Pressure: up to 2 inches of water gauge. Accessories: gravity shutter, motorized back draft damper, wall flange, face damper, bypass damper, spark resistant construction, power ventilating tube, face and bypass damper, speed controller, controls.

PB, PBC, PEB, PEBC, PD, PDC, PED, PEDC, PSB, PSB-F, PSD, PSD-F, RPB, RPBC, RPD, RPDC, RE, REBC, REDC, RES, RESBC, RESDC, PUD, PEUD, PSUD Fans: hooded power roof ventilators in exhuast or supply configuration, or reverse flow option. Ventilator sizes: 12 to 84. Fan capacity: to 105,000 CFM. Pressure: up to 1 inch. Accessories: backdraft damper, bird screen, safety disconnect switch, roof curb, spark resitant construction, filters, filter gauge, protective coatings, fiberglass insulation, reversing switch, controls.

T, TBC, TEBC, TD, TDC, VA, VAB fans: duct tubeaxial fans and vaneaxial fans. Sizes: 6 to 84. Capacity: up to 105,000 CFM. Ventilator accessories: mount feet, duct adaptors, inlet/outlet guard, inlet/outlet bell, motor cover, belt guard, mount bracket, baryfol pad, speed controller, controls.

TEV, TIV, LVX, LVN ventilators: gravity ventilators and louvered penthouse fans. Custom sizes. Accessories: gravity automatic damper shutter, motorized damper, roof curb.

MCD, MC: air circulators, spot coolers, booster fans and mancoolers. Sizes 12 to 48.

Custom coatings and finishes. Alloy blower construction. High temeparature fan construction.

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Stock of tubeaxial & vaneaxial inline duct fans, blower and fan repair / balancing, replacement centrifugal and axial fan blades, axial duct fans, aluminum pressure blowers, FRP ventilators, dust collectors blowers fans, dust collection fan ventilators, high temperature oven circulation fans,
backward curved, acoustafoil, single thickness airfoil fan wheels, explosion proof ventilatoprs, spark reistant fans and blowers, induce & force draft fans, fan blower impellers.
A reliable ventilation system that can operate during a fire is both vital and essential. It prevents
smoke logging, allows people to escape quickly, minimizes damages to property and contents
and enables firemen to attack the fire without hindrance. These power roof ventilators have
the added advantage of providing normal day to day ventilation and in many cases can
also be fitted with duct work for use in multi store buildings.
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Type Canada Blower HS Power Roof
Ventilators 􀀀have been tested to operate:
- continuously at 650 F
- 3 Hours at 800 F
- 1.5 Hours at 1000 F
- 1/2 Hour at 1,200 F
The use of HS PRVs to vent heat and smokes has these
specific advantages:
* 􀀀It is not dependent on air temperature differential or wind direction and 􀀀􀀀velocity to create air
* 􀀀􀀀It does not rely on heat itself to activate the system. Smoke detectors and 􀀀􀀀water-flow
devices also may be utilized.
* 􀀀􀀀It provides for normal ventilation needs of the building as well as for 􀀀􀀀emergency use as a
vital component of the fire protection system.
* 􀀀􀀀There is usually a substantial cost saving in the purchase and installation of 􀀀􀀀the dual
purpose system.
* 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀Maintenance cost for building and equipment is frequently reduced.
* 􀀀􀀀The system can be effectively used in multi stories and below grade building 􀀀􀀀􀀀areas.
* 􀀀􀀀Reliability of operations is assured because powered ventilators are in daily􀀀􀀀􀀀use and receive
regular inspection and maintenance.
The unique Canada Blower
Type HS power roof
ventilators provide a
solution for emergency
heat and smoke venting
that is dependable under the
most extreme circumstances.
All critical components of
Canada Blower HS PRV that
exposed to the air-stream are
ferrous construc-tion to
withstand high temperature
c ondit ions . These heavy
gauge materials prevent
warping of fan parts and
malfunc-tion at high
temperatures. This also
insures years of trouble-free
service in normal daily
operation of the PRV fan.
The wind shroud is made of
galvanized steel; an exterior
finish coat of epoxy can be
specified. Painted parts are
coated with epoxy to provide
a protective coating rated
excellent for hardness,
impact resistance, adhesion
and chemical resistance.
  Exhaust fans or Power Roof Ventilators (PRVs): to do a satisfactory job of eliminating excessively hot air, it is usually essential to have powered wall and/or roof exhausters.
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