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Appreciable savings in space are obtained with the compact design of the BUFFALO BLOWER Type ADJUSTABLE PITCH BLADE AXIAL FANSEase of maintenance is the keyword for the Direct Drive Axial Fan. Fan equipment rooms can be reduced in size resulting in lower building costs. When installing directly in line with ventilation ducts, axials gain from 50% to 70% space savings over centrifugal fans.

Flow Volume up to 260,000 CFM Static Pressure up to 15'' WG

Advantages of Adjustable Pitch Blade Axial Fan
The light weight of the Type Adjustable Pitch Blade Axial Fans results in further savings in --- lower freight costs --- lower rigging costs --- lighter (and less costly) foundations or supporting structures, ease and speed of installation.

The high mechanical efficiency of the direct drive Type Adjustable Pitch Blade Vaneaxial Fan provides approximately the same fan efficiency as a high-efficiency centrifugal and higher  fan efficiency than most in-line centrifugal fans in the normal industrial performance range.
The Adjustable Pitch Blade provides the ability to custom set blade positions without removing the wheeland to provide maximum efficiency for specific requirements and flexibility to field adjust for known future needs and/or balance systems with the minor corrections often needed for the unpredictable installed system variations.
Installation and Start-up time is usually much less with a direct drive Type Adjustable Pitch Blade Vaneaxial Fan  than with belt driven  centrifugals.
Protection from corrosion is much less expensive for the vaneaxial fan than for 
the centrifugal fan. Maximum personnel safety, a feature often overlooked, where personnel must be around rotating equipment, is provided in the Direct Drive Type Adjustable Pitch Blade Vaneaxial Fan.
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