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We offer the choice of backward-inclined, airfoil, backward-curved or forward curved wheel, all types of motors, high temperature, spark resistant and more.

Axial industrial blowers create positive and negative pressure around their blades, which creates airflow. The fan blades are positioned vertically and tilted to allow for atmospheric pressure changes. In an axial blower, the air is forced to move in an axial parallel direction to the shaft where the blades rotate. This design is what creates the air pressure difference causing the continuous airflow. The performance of an axial fan is determined by its number of blades and their shape.

Tube Axial BlowerTube Axial Blower

Vapor Recovery Industrial Blower

Vapor recovery industrial blowers are a special type of centrifugal blower designed to collect vapors of gas and fuels such that they do not escape into the atmosphere. Under certain conditions, this type of industrial blower is required by law in cases where there are noxious, explosive, and flammable fumes. Pressure builds up in fuel storage tanks as they get filled. The vapors from the pressure are removed by vapor recovery industrial blowers that send it on to become natural gas or burned off.