Industrial process and OEM fan ventilators, high temperature OEM fan ventilators, centrifugal and axial process fans, roof / wall exhaust and supply fans and inline ventilators and blowers. Sales of OEM fan blower wheel blade impellers


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combustion pressure blowers, oven circulation fans, FRP pressure blowers, high temprature ventilators.
Economical small pressure blowers -  APB series:
- AMCA "Type B" spark-resistant construction;
- Corrosion-free, no-maintenance blower;
- Non-toxic & non-nagnetic aluminum construction;
- Not affected by cold;
- Performances to 4,000 CFM, 20" WG ;
- Strong and lightweight construction;
- Belt drive arrangements available;
- For higher pressures we offer steel pressure blowers.
Industrial Blowers
- centrifugal and axial 
- pressure blowers
- induced draft & forced draft
- high temperature and OEM
- stainless / FRP / special alloy
Commercial Fans

- wall exhaust and supply fans
- roof ventilators
- propeller recirculation fans & mancoolers
- spun aluminum fans
- fire and smoke exhausters

Dampers & Louvers

- fan and blowers dampers
- louvers adn shutters
- butterfly & vortex dampers
- electric / pneumatic actuators
- isolation / flow diverter dampers