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Pressure Blowers


Design of industrial process and OEM fans, heavy duty process ventilators, baghouse fans, low leakage fans and blowers, fan / blower impellers, airfoil fans, acoustafoil ventilators, unifoil fans, plant ventilation fans, explosion proof building ventilation fans, TCF twin city ventilators, Sheldons engineering blowers,
roof and wall supply and exhaust fans for industrial and commercial ventilation from New York. Sales of Canadian Blower / Chicago propeller; axial; centrifugal; square-in-line; FRP fans; roof and wall exhausters in Buffalo, New York Blower fans, conveying blowers, air tight blowers & fans, industrial process air curtains, OEM fans / blowers, fume exhausters, dust collectors.
Heavy-duty industrial BI Fans:
- Complete  AMCA Class I, II & III performance;
- Airflows to 100,000 CFM @ 25" WG;
- Efficiencies beyond 85% due to unique impeller design;
- Tempratures to 750 F with heat construction;
- Choice of airfoil or falt backward inclined wheel;
- 17 Sizs: 10" through 73" wheel diameters;
- Heavy-gauge welded construction provides structural strength & durability;
- Variety of accessories available: spark-resistant, explosion-proof and high temperature construction, dampers, shaft seals, flanges, inlet box, split housing, special coatings...
- Convenience and economy of a packaged design with heavy-gauge quality construction that ensures smooth operation through Class II performance range;
- Utility Sets are fully suited to industrial plant ventilation and process air need as well as for commercial and institutional ventilation service.