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Roof Exhaust Fans


Tubeaxial Up-Blast Roof Ventilators provide cost effective, general-purpose ventilation of commercial buildings. Belt and direct drive fan models are available with adjustable pitch, cast aluminum or fixed pitch, fabricated steel propellers to meet specific application requirements.

•    Direct drive fan sizes 14" to 84"
•    Belt drive sizes 14" to 60"
•    Capacities from 730 CFM to 120,0000 CFM
•    Static pressure to 3" w.g.

Upblast roof exhausters include a heavy-duty, galvanized steel stack cap with butterfly fan dampers to discharge air upward and prevent recirculation into the building. A splash guard located over the damper pivot area protects against rain entry.

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An impeller is the central part of a centrifugal blower. It has a strong resemblance to the wheels found in a hamster cage. The rotation of the impeller pulls air into the blower, increases its movement, and changes its direction at 90o. The turning of the impeller creates constant air flow.

Canada Blower upblast power roof ventilators are designed to discharge vertically so that air velocity seals the opening against rain and snow while the unit is in operation. Whe fan is switched off, counterbalanced dampers close by gravity to provide a weather-resistant closure.

These roof exhausters are available in wide range of sizes and capacities: with blade diameters from 18" to 84" and capacities ranging from 1000 CFM to appr. 100,000 CFM. Fans of this type are quite efficient, dependable and require relatively little maintenance.

The Canada Blower JBH PRVs utilize a cross-frame to support unique bearings and fan shaft assembly. This stationary shaft mounts on the cross-frame member and power is applied directly to the prop hub in the same plane as the bearings. This reduces bearing load and substantially increases the fan bearing life. Bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed and have an L-10 life exceeding 300,000 hours. All roof exhaust fans are available with such accessories a motor-out-of-airstream kits, roof curbs, protective coatings, safety guards, spark-resistant and explosion proof ventilator constructions, and many other useful features.