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Roof Exhaust Fans


Tubeaxial Up-Blast Roof Ventilators provide cost effective, general-purpose ventilation of commercial buildings. Belt and direct drive fan models are available with adjustable pitch, cast aluminum or fixed pitch, fabricated steel propellers to meet specific application requirements.

•    Direct drive fan sizes 14" to 84"
•    Belt drive sizes 14" to 60"
•    Capacities from 730 CFM to 120,0000 CFM
•    Static pressure to 3" w.g.

Upblast roof exhausters include a heavy-duty, galvanized steel stack cap with butterfly fan dampers to discharge air upward and prevent recirculation into the building. A splash guard located over the damper pivot area protects against rain entry.

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Canada Blower makes a wide variety of fans in many materials for use in general ventilation systems. Manufacturing processes and logistical storage of materials require air exhaust and supply rates that are detailed by industrial ventilation codes. Proper location of industrial unit heaters, along with fresh make-up air fans, provide air to work spaces. Canada Blower supplies exhaust fans and roof ventilators for heat removal that can create comfortable work spaces in most climate zones. Cafeterias, locker rooms and office spaces require additional systems that are usually specified by local codes.

The application of modern industrial and commercial ventilation equipment involves research into local code requirements. Canada Blower produces every available type of fan necessary for HVAC systems. If your process is clean, and requires minimal filtration, simple axial fans can perform the task. If you are designing a high density office or health care facility, requirements become much more stringent. Refrigeration systems are involved in multiple story buildings. This means additional blower / fan equipment and design considerations for location of these ventilation systems.