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Industrial Centrifugal Utility Sets
Fans and blowers produced by BUFFALO BLOWER have been application engineered and
designed to meet and exceed all the requirements of today’s air moving needs.
We would like to introduce a line of Industrial Centrifugal Utility Sets designed to provide
performance according to application needs, long-term service and cost efficient operation
in a wide variety of environments.
Sample features of Centrifugal Utility 􀀀Sets:
Junior Utility Sets - Sizes 6'' to 10'' 􀀀
Flow rate from 260 to 2,127 CFM and 5'' Static Pressure 􀀀
Standard Utility Sets - Sizes 12” to 36'' Flow
rate from 688 to 29,108 CFM and 8'' Static Pressure
Ten belt driven sizes with 10"
through 36" wheel diameters
offer capabilities up to 30,000
Wide choice of accessories:
weather cover/belt guard,
spark-resistant construction,
vibration isolation
Choice of flat blade
backwardly inclined, backward
curved, or super-quiet airfoil
Heavy-gauge construction...
welded steel housing and
wheels... reinforced inlet
and outlet
Easily accessible motor
compartment with adjustable
motor platform.􀀀􀀀􀀀
Rotatable housing to any of
six standard discharge

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