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Makeap Air Fans

In many areas, air must be conditioned before entering a facility. This necessitates that the make-up air system have heating and often air cooling and filtering abilities. A so called make-up air unit is required. Typically a make-up air system includes an air mover section, usually a propeller or centrifugal type fan, an air tempering section containing heating and where necessary cooling and filtering equipment, and a control system.

Fan selection and power requirements are generally determined by the application. When only general ventilation is required (fan pressure requirements are low), a propeller type fan can be utilized. To supply make up air through a duct system with a resistance of 0.5 in w.g. or more, a centrifugal fan should be considered. In either system, diffusers may be used to direct the discharge air velocity.

In situations where the inside air quality is acceptable, often a portion of the inside air may be drawn back through the make-up air unit where it is recirculated back into the building. Advantages of using Canada Blower Recirculating Make-Up Air fan units are lowered heating costs, better indoor air mixing (reduced air stratification), as well as constant building pressurization.

An adequate amount of makeup air is required for personnel, machines, and processes to operate properly, efficiently, and safely. Failure to provide adequate make-up air is often the cause of unnecessary expenditures for additional exhaust systems and heating or cooling equipment. These devices in turn compound the problem of air starvation within the building. Reliable, cost effective equipment is available from Canada Blower to supply the make-up air necessary to balance air removed from a structure.


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Type PSBC-F Filtered Make-Up Air Roof Ventilator by Canada Blower

APPLICATIONS: American CoolAir Type PSBC-F ventilators are designed for filtered air supply with maximum efficiency, ease of damper installation and a uniform appearance for both air supply and exhaust roof ventilators. The fan unit features 2" filters in teh hood section and it is elevated above the roof curb, eliminating the possible damper clearance problem, and the backdraft damper should be mounted in the standard roof curb. Motorized and gravity activated back-draft dampers could be used. The unit can also be specified less the fan component for use as a Canada Blower gravity supply, or relief ventilator.

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Centrifugal industrial blowers are the most frequently used type of industrial blower found in ventilation systems due to its capacity to continuously transfer gas and air as well as block air pollutants. The air stream goes through a set of rotating impellers where the speed and volume of the air is steadily increased. The fan wheel shifts in direction and accelerates as the amount of air passing through increases. As more air enters, the kinetic energy of the blower increases.

Centrifugal Industrial Blower

Commercial air conditioning unit systems, general supply and exhaust ventilation:

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Canada Blower Tubeaxial fan is one of the most rugged axial fans available on the market. It is designed for air supply and ventilation applications. This fan series is available in a variety of configurations including roof exhausters and panel fans. Canada Blower Tubeaxial fan line can be constructed from a variety of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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Canada Blower  Vaneaxial fan is one of the most rugged axial fans available on the market. It is designed for air supply and ventilation applications where high efficiency, low tip speed and quiet operation are a priority. The formed airfoil fan blades allow the Canada Blower Vaneaxial to run significantly slower than conventional cast axial fan wheels, yet produce the same volume and pressure characteristics. The result is quiet performance. This fan series is available in a variety of configurations including clamshell, power roof exhausters, mushroom hood,
and roof exhausters. Canada Blower Vaneaxial fan line can be constructed from a variety of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Commercial general supply, return air