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Gravity Ventilators

GRAVITY VENTS manufactured by experts

Hoods, Loverline Enclosures and Gravity Ventilators for exhaust relief, or fresh air intake ventilating systems are predesigned based on the required fan airflow capacity.

Exhaust Relief Vents are designed to have a 1 to 1 ratio of hood perimeter opening to throat area. Normally used as exhaust relief vents, have built-in bird screen.

Intake Relief Vents are designed to have a 2 to 1 ratio of hood perimeter opening to throat are to provide an inlet air velocity not to exceed 650 fpm. Available with 1” or 2” aluminum filters. Could be used for air exhaust as well.

Louvered Aluminum Hoods and Gravity Ventilators are supplied with continuously welded metered corners. The construction itself is supported by reinforced structural frame. All fasteners are aluminum. Trimline birdscreens are made of galvanized wire mesh as standard. All fan models are available in standard , or custom sizes.

Available Fan Accessories include: Aluminum Filters, which are available in 1”, or 2” thickness and are of removable permanent type, horizontal mounted in perimeter opening of the hood; Extra Strength Construction is provided by extra reinforcing to withstand 100 mph winds; Insect screens are available to ease job usually done by filter packages; Hinged Hood option is available to allow easier access to the filter package; Extended Throat Height is provided for additional hood height above roof line; Prefabricated Curbs are of galvanized steel continuous welded construction, available as self-flashing type, or roof-over-flashing type, provided acoustically lined and thermally insulated with fire retardant fiber fire; Decorative coatings available in two coat system; protective coatings for corrosion applications, such as Epoxy, Eisenheiss, Heresite, and others; Stainless Steel, All Copper, All Aluminium blower construction are available upon request.

Louverline Penthouses are designed to envelope roof top mounted equipment . The dimensions and construction are selected according to the equipment dimensions and air requirements.

Spun Aluminum Gravity Ventilators are designed to provide low silhoette architectural exhaust / relief ventilator, or fresh air supply gravity vent for commecial and residential applications.

All models wall fans bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal.

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HOODED ROOF MOUNT FANS are suitable for industrial supply or exhaust fan applications. These units are suitable for a variety of applications, including general ventilation, moisture-laden air, heat or smoke fumes, and mild contaminates in the airstream. 

Industrial hooded roof mount fans offer aerodynamically superior performance constructed with a heavy duty welded steel base and aluminum hood with bird screen. Some models include the hood and base made of galvanized steel for rigidity, long life and years of protection against corrosion. A finish coat of epoxy can be requested.


Canada Blower Direct Drive Compact Plastic Blowers:

- Performances from 20 to 3,000 CFM at pressures up to 8" WG;
- Heavy-duty polypropylene housings to provide maximum resistance to chemical attack, low weight and completely avoid welding joints;
- Forward curved injection molded polypropylene fan impellers;
- Direct drive with TEFC or Explosion Proof motors, low maintenance arrangements;
- AMCA tested and ISO certified;
- Corrosive resistant accessories available: weather hood, flexible connectors, dampers, adaptors;
- Typical fan applications include: laboratory and industrial fume exhaust, fume scrubbers, chemical storage cabinets & hoods, work
Canada Blower Products Include:

Perchloric Acid Systems
FRP and PVC Dampers and Shutters
Mist Eliminators
K-Kore Composite Air Plenums and Energy Recovery
Centrifugal Fans and Blowers
In-line Centrifugal Fans
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High Plume Dilution Fans
Centrifugal and axial fans
Pressure blowers
Ventilating fans
Fiberglass fans
Custom engineered fans
Heating and cooling coils
Industrial heat exchangers

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