Industrial high pressure radial fan ventilators, high temperature fan blowers, centrifugal radial blower fans, roof / wall exhaust and supply fans and centrifugal radial pressure blower fans. Sales of side channel and multistage pressure blowers.


Multi-Stage Blowers


 High temperature fans, industrial process pressure blowers, high pressure side channel regenerative pressure blowers; industrial; process and commercial heating; ventilating and air conditioning equipment.  Canadian Blower industrial blowers, commercial fans, high-temperature industrial blowers, Canadian Blower pressure blowers,  Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment.

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Chicago Blower, American Coolair Fans, Illinois Blower, Industrial Gas Engineering and ILG Fans. Industrial and O.E.M. customers with both process fans and blowers and general ventilation Fans,
air knife pressure blowers, high pressure blowoff fans, burner blowers, combustion process fans, conveyor blow-off fans, air canon fans, dust collector blowers, finishing systems fans, fan exhausters, fume exhaust ventilators, furnace fan blowers, incinerator fans. Most industrial fans make some kind of noise but with a lot of the new models being released now the noise level is minimal.